The Pinky Passion

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This Valentine Bundle created with extra love and flirt! 💗 

This is the perfect gift for your Mom, your best friend, or for you! 💗🙈💗


Enjoy it at a discounted price plus a free surprise when you purchase before 2/10 💗

This babe Includes:

1. A Pink Deluxe makeup hair accessory 

2. A Pink deluxe makeup bag 

3. 2 lashes 

4. A Rhinestone headband (Pink or randomly selected)

5. Sexy pink Hustle mirror 

6. a Highlight Pallet 

7. A pink Luggage bundle filled with a neon Shadow stack, a LV headband, and a scrunchie 💗

8. Surprise Gift 💗

NOTE: All Valentine bundles come with valentine goodies and surprises 💗