Vitamin C facial Serum

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1. NEW vitamin C face serum; with aloe Vera, retinol serum, vitamin E, and hyaluronic Acid serum. 

2.100% organic; retinol has an anti-aging effect, giving the skin a more vibrant, soft, luxury look. 

3.We made Hyaluronic acid a must in our formula because it enhances the absorption of Retinol, in order to make the skin look and feel younger. Also, this is a moisturizer in order to avoid dry, flake, and cracks in skin. This solution holds 350% more moisture than the collagen protein molecules itself; making this a extra moisturizer! 


3. Vitamin C of course it is a must in the skin care industry; it has antioxidant agents, which help fight free radicals, the number one cause of aging in skin. As well, vitamin c is a moisturizing having you all set throughout the day. 

4. Vitamin E reduces inflammation and at the same time moisturizes the skin. 


This is A must for a healthy, younger looking, free of pimple, black lines/spots skin! 💖💝

2ml container